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Tips to help you plan the perfect school trip abroad

Are you a teacher planning a school trip abroad? Our travel experts share some simple and practical tips to make it as easy as possible to manage and organise your travel plans.

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Which way? Picking the right destination

Oh, the places you will go! Picking a destination for your school trip abroad can feel a bit daunting but think about the learning subjects or activities you’d like to cover. This will help you refine possible destinations or trip ideas.

If you are covering English Literature for instance, a trip to Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford Upon Avon in England might be the perfect short trip for your students.

If you are studying History and the Second World War, there are great destinations across Europe for your class such as Berlin, Krakow and Auschwitz or the Normandy Battlefields in Northern France.

We have lots of ideas by subject or destination at JWT, have a look here: SCHOOL TOUR SUBJECTS and here: SCHOOL TOUR DESTINATIONS.

Request a call back to discuss ideas for your school trip abroad with our experts, no strings attached.

Setting a budget

Budget or cost per student will also be a key defining factor and this will influence the duration of the trip or might make one particular city or country more suitable.

Ski school trips for instance have become quite popular in recent years and some ski resorts will be more affordable and budget-friendly than others, even providing similar services and facilities for school groups.

Logistics made easy

Leaving the logistics to a travel company such as JWT Schools will free up a lot of your time and will offer the support needed to make the planning a smooth process.

Once the budget and itinerary are agreed on, the travel team at JWT will manage all payments directly with parents, book all services required from flights to tickets and provide all the documentation and information needed prior to the trip to the tour leader. Easy peasy.

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Local support

Check if your package includes support for the group on the ground or a guide, depending on the type of trip. For instance, for walking and active trips we recommend having a guide to lead the group every step of the way. The local rep or guide is your best ally and will make managing the group more enjoyable for teachers, particularly if there is a language barrier.


One very important to-do is making sure all students have valid passports for the travel dates. There might be children of different nationalities and holding passports from other countries, so that’s something to check also, in case there are specific visa requirements particularly if you are travelling outside the European Union.

European Health Card

We recommend all European travellers to apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which can be easily requested from your regional health office and will give you access to medical treatment in other European countries free or at a reduced cost, depending on the local system.

Travel Insurance

In addition to traveling with your European Health Card, taking travel insurance is a must for school groups, to cover any possible unexpected hiccups, such as cancellations or lost luggage. All JWT School trips include comprehensive travel insurance for the group so you travel with total peace of mind.

Fun activities and Free time

Incorporating a good balance between purely educational activities such as museums and guided visits with age-appropriate entertainment and free time is another key factor to make the trip a much more enjoyable experience for students.

Packing list for your school trip abroad

Share an essential packing list with parents, particularly if the trip requires specific equipment or clothes. A good idea is to include the recommendation of checking the weather forecast for the destination on this list. This will allow them to adapt the clothes being packed before finalising their packing.

Check official travel advice

Once you have a destination, check travel advice for the country you will be visiting in advance, if you are travelling from Ireland, if you are travelling from the UK, if you are in the USA.

In Ireland, the DFA also recommends registering your group with the department, particularly for trips outside the European Union.

For more information and ideas for a great school trip abroad talk to our JWT Schools travel experts, request a call back or a quote.

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