Ideas for meaningful Transition Year trips abroad

Ideas for meaningful Transition Year trips abroad

Transition Year trips abroad allow students to gain independence and familiarise themselves with different cultures; and have become an important activity in many schools’ Transition Year TY programmes.

Personal development, life experience and learning other skills outside the school environment are the essence of this formative year; and travelling abroad will certainly help students mature, grow more confident and maybe even discover new interests.

”Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves” – Euripides

If you have a TY student at home or you are a teacher planning your school’s TY programme, these are a few ideas for practical and meaningful Transition Year trips abroad:

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Transition Year is ideal for young linguists to immerse themselves in a different language environment and finally put into practice all those years of learning at the desk.

Language learning can be a slow process but a few days immersed in that culture will do wonders to help students on their road to fluency and build their confidence using that language.

French, German and Spanish are some of the most popular languages studied across secondary schools in Ireland; but other languages like Italian, Japanese and Chinese are increasing in popularity.

Learning a language is so much more than grammar or hours of language classes. As Italian film director Federico Fellini said: “A different language is a different vision of life”.

On a trip to Berlin, Nice or Madrid students can also learn about that place’s history, food… appreciating the customs that are part of that culture and the diversity of the world we live in.

Here are some suggestions for Transition Year trips abroad where you can practice your language skills: LANGUAGE SCHOOL TRIPS


As a travel experience for TY students the Camino de Santiago ticks many important boxes:

-It is an active challenge involving several days walking
-It gives students quality time to bond as a group and work as a team
-They are making history, as they follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims that have travelled these same paths since the Middle Ages and continue the Camino tradition

The Camino de Santiago trails are UNESCO World Heritage not only for their great architecture but for the role that the trail played in the exchange of ideas and understanding between cultures since pilgrimage to Santiago started in the Middle Ages.

For many pilgrims the Camino can be transformational or even a life changing experience as they finally have time to reflect and organise their thoughts. For students, it can be an opportunity to find themselves or think about which path they’d like to take when they get back to school and further education.

The Camino de Santiago teaches pilgrims of all ages many life lessons: patience and perseverance, every day is a new beginning, small steps are required to achieve bigger goals and overall, enjoy the journey.

Find some suggestions for a school trip on the Camino de Santiago here: CAMINO DE SANTIAGO FOR SCHOOLS

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The stunningly beautiful Art cities of Italy such as Florence, Rome and Venice, are ideal to inspire students interested in the Arts but also subjects such as Architecture.

Florence is without a doubt one of the most extraordinary cities in Europe, shaped by centuries of artistic and cultural activity. Some of the greatest Italian masters of the time created their best artwork and left their mark in the city such as Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo.

Birthplace of the Renaissance movement, Florence influenced the Fine Arts, Architecture and the way people looked at the world not only in Italy but the rest of Europe.

This creative heritage is the essence and heart of Florence’s historic centre with its magnificent buildings, museums, art masterpieces and religious architecture. Some of the most important artworks of all time are here in this city such as the David of Michelangelo.



Sports and outdoor pursuits can also be the focus of fun Transition Year trips abroad, hopefully introducing students to new interests and activities that will help them lead a healthy lifestyle into adult life.

Ski school trips have become a favourite in recent years and a great introduction to winter sports: they are exciting, require plenty of energy and the mountain surroundings are just stunning.

Whether they are beginners or more experienced on the slopes, all students will build on their skills and confidence, as they take daily sessions with professional ski instructors who will adapt the lessons to each group’s abilities.

Find destination ideas and suggestions for your ski trip here: SCHOOL SKI TRIPS

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Transition Year could also be the perfect time to embark on an extraordinary cultural adventure, heading to the Far East.

Our school trips to China students can discover the country’s ancient culture, visiting some of the country’s most incredible places and monuments.

Travelling across the China, they will admire the magnificent wonder of the World that is the Great Wall of China, the beguiling Terracotta Army, the dramatic landscapes of Guilin and rice terraced fields of Longji Village, as well as discovering the flavours of authentic Chinese gastronomy.

Find more details about this Transition Year trip idea here: BEST OF CHINA SCHOOL TRIP


Volunteering or doing charity work abroad is an incredibly valuable and fulfilling experience for young adults.

If your school has a connection with a volunteering or charity project abroad, at JWT Schools we have worked with schools travelling to Africa, Asia and other long haul destinations and can look after all the travel logistics for your trip as well as help you organise additional activities.

You can find many more ideas for Transition Year Trips Abroad here: DESTINATIONS.

Please note all School tours and Transition Year Trips Abroad can be custom-made to adapt to your group’s needs, requirements and preferences, including extended stays and additional activities for instance.

Talk to our travel experts about your Transition Year travel plans, we are here to help you plan a memorable experience for your students.

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