Benefits of school trips, why are they important?

Benefits of school trips, why are they important?

Educational tours and school trips abroad can help students develop both on an academic and personal level. Today we share our thoughts on the main benefits of school trips abroad for your students and children:

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1-Reinforcing lessons and expanding knowledge

As Confucius said: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

‘Doing’, or putting into action or practice lessons learnt in the classroom, helps students remember and understand them better.

Applying practice to the theory not only reinforces those lessons but expands their knowledge on the subject, giving it a different more tangible dimension.

This is applicable to all subjects, from history to art but it is particularly evident when studying languages. The excitement of using those language skills in the real world will help students see the real purpose of learning them in the first place.

2-Encouraging and discovering new interests

As humans and students our brain gets excited by different things, topics and teaching methods. School trips can be a powerful motivation tool, encouraging further learning on a particular subject or sparking their interest in new ones.

School trips abroad and indeed local school tours can inspire students. Kids who might not be particularly interested in team sports for instance, might discover they enjoy skiing, hiking or even find a new sporting passion.

3-Experiencing different cultures

Education is not only about growing intellectually or achieving results but also preparing youngsters to be responsible citizens. Experiencing different cultures teaches them valuable lessons they will carry with them into adulthood.

On school trips abroad, they get exposed to different cultures, traditions, food, languages and ways to see the world; encouraging understanding, appreciation for other nationalities and diversity. This is without a doubt one of the most important benefits of school trips abroad for all students.

4-Bonding with classmates and teachers

School trips also have an important social aspect, as they facilitate team building and bonding between classmates. Often new friendships are developed during school trips, as students from different groups might interact and mix.

They can also give teachers an opportunity to know their students better, their interests and personalities, in a more informal context and relaxed environment; and gain their trust.

5-Personal development and confidence building

Many students get their first taste of relative freedom or independence during school trips. This is an important rite of passage and has a positive impact on their personal development, building their confidence as they are taken out of their home environment and comfort zone.

For instance they will learn to manage their own time and find their way around a new city, if the trip includes free time to explore; they will be in charge of their personal budget for the duration of the trip and they can even be encouraged to organise a saving plan at home to take responsibility for their own school trip costs.

These valuable learning experiences can’t be recreated in a classroom environment or learned from textbooks.

6- Positive memories

Many of us remember our favourite school tour, whether it was a visit to a local museum or our first time saying a few words in a different language abroad. Many of our best school memories are created during school trips with peers.

As teachers and parents have told our travel team over the years, some of the benefits of school trips will last a lifetime.

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We hope you enjoyed our article on the main benefits of school trips abroad, for destination ideas and travel advice for your school group, contact our knowledgeable travel experts at JWT Schools.

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