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13 interesting Facts about Country Music

If you love country music or just want to know about how it came to be; keep reading because we are about to tell you 13 interesting facts you need to know about the history of this popular music genre:


1- Initially called “country and western music”, to the latest term “country music”, this music style’s origins date back to the 20th century.

2 – It emerged in the south and west of America, mainly from the American working class of the Appalachian Mountains.

3 – “Country” was influenced by many cultures and music genres: from African Americans, jazz, and blues to the ballads and songs of English, Scots and Irish immigrants who settled in America.

4 – It is believed that country music became a formal genre in America after the country musician “Fiddlin’ John Carson” was discovered.

5 – Many rural radio stations arose in the 1920s playing this popular genre in programmes such as “National Barn Dance” and the “Grand Ole Opry” from Nashville.

6 – Among the first country musicians and groups were “the Carter Family” with its famous song “Wildwood Flower”, and Jimmie Rodgers, who is considered the “Father of Country Music”.

7 – Country spread to new areas after the migration of southern rural residents to the city, receiving then, great influence from gospel music and blues.

8 – Throughout the 1930s many variants of country music arose, including “The Western Swing” that incorporated drums and the steel guitar. As well as the western swing, cowboy films played a very important part in the evolution of this genre of music.

9 -In 1940, the Honky-tonk variant became very popular, which included a combination of guitar with sentimental lyrics.

10 – Another important figure of country music was Bill Monroe and his band, the Blue Grass Boys, famous for the bluegrass genre.

11 – In 1950, country music received influence from Rock n’ roll, and in the mid-1950s “the Nashville Sound” movement arose as opposed to the honky-tonk music of the previous period.

12 – In 1970 “The Outlaw” movement, also called progressive country, gained strong popularity.

13 – Among the many popular country artists of the 20th and 21st centuries are Lyle Lovett, Garth Brooks, Miranda Lambert, just to mention some.

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