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Camino del Norte

The Camino del Norte is a traditional Camino route taken by pilgrims from Northern Europe since the Middle Ages on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Pilgrims would have travelled by boat to the northern shores of the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias or Galicia where they would have then continued their journey towards Santiago on foot.

It is also believed this was the route taken by St Francis of Assisi on his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in the 13th century, founding various monasteries along the way.

The Camino del Norte route today starts in the Basque Country, on the border between France and Spain and follows the coastline of Green Spain for most part of the trail, taking pilgrims to lovely seaside towns and villages all the way to the town of Ribadeo, in Galicia. From this pretty historic coastal town the trail heads inland towards Santiago de Compostela, through an area of peaceful country trails and small villages where, at times, you will feel you are travelling back in time.

At JWT we have a fantastic self guided Camino del Norte tour from Ribadeo to Santiago de Compostela to give you a taste for this ancient Camino de Santiago trail, where you will feel in touch with nature and the simple pleasures in life.

If you would like to walk the Camino del Norte from further afield or all the way from the Basque Country let us know. Our team of travel experts will prepare the perfect itinerary for you, adapting it to your preferences so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience on the Camino del Norte.

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Suggested Tours


There are many things to do, see and taste on the Camino del Norte trail, these are some of our favourites:

  • Admire the ‘Indianos’ architecture in lovely Ribadeo
  • Take a day to walk the coastal trail to the impressive Praia das Catedrais, the Cathedrals Beach
  • Travel back in time wandering the cobbled streets of Mondoñedo
  • Feel the peace on the quiet tracks across the pastures of the Terra Cha
  • Stamp your pilgrim passport and get your Compostela certificate
  • Explore the wonderful Old Town in Santiago de Compostela

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On our ‘suggested tours’ area you will find a recommended trip on the Camino del Norte, starting in the town of Ribadeo in Santiago de Compostela, taking you two weeks to complete.

It is also possible to start your journey from different points along this route, for instance, you can start your Camino from the Basque Country and walk the whole route; or walk a section of the trail for a few days.

We can also include rest days along the trail, allowing you to take a breather and explore; as well as additional nights in Santiago de Compostela so you can get to know and enjoy this vibrant and magical city.

Talk to our experienced travel experts about your dream Camino de Santiago journey and we will create the perfect Camino tour for you!

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